Wise Ann Heimer

She deals with issues, the way I don’t.

Issue #1

Wise Ann Heimer has been finishing her Master’s project for the last year, and she’s about to become the best researcher in the world (she will be receiving her Nobel and Turing prizes in 2030). But. Her supervisor is the biggest erratic eccentric egocentric irrational person in the world. Going by his current rate, he’ll never make Professor (he’s currently an Associate Professor and you need to guide at least one PhD thesis to get promoted to Professor). Being the whimsical creature that he is, he stopped guiding his PhD student, after 4 years, when he was close to finishing his PhD, because of some ego issues. Wise Ann Heimer doesn’t understand whose loss is bigger. The PhD student had to transfer to another supervisor to finish his PhD. He’s currently in his 6th year of the PhD and still hasn’t finished it. So this guy basically destroyed the PhD student’s future. Of course he has been actively destroying Wise Ann’s career as well, by not recommending her for PhD or internship positions in a timely manner. But the biggest career that he has been destroying is his own. You see, ego aside, had he just let the poor kid continue, he would have successfully guided a PhD student, and gotten promoted to Professor. This erratic decision puts him back by at least 5 years in getting a promotion. And given his nature Wise Ann is almost sure he’s never going to make Professor.

How Wise Ann Handles the Situation

Such situations can always be tough to deal with, specially when it’s about careers getting destroyed. Wise Ann herself has a friend, who is in a similar situation, who has been letting everything affect her and has been depressed and hurting herself. Wise Ann knows that’s not the right thing to do.

“You see, life is cruel sometimes. There are always people who will push you down. In fact the better you are, the more people there will be, to push you down. There will be people who ditch you and some who will push you into a ditch. People don’t like seeing other people succeed, specially when they themselves aren’t succeeding. People generally try to project their own harsh experiences, on to others, because that’s the only way they think they can make life fair. If they are hurting somewhere emotionally, they try to hurt people around them emotionally, so that life is equally unfair to everyone, thus making it fair. And then the people who are hurt then try to hurt other people, cause they want their own equality of hurt. It’s a chain reaction that just ends up hurting more and more people. Unless. You terminate the chain of hurt. Of course you have to be a bad-ass type of Hulk to stop this massively powerful blast that propagates so easily. But make the chain end with you. Once you decide to not pass on the hurt, you need to understand how to deal with the hurt.

Every time you feel hurt, you let the other person win. You let evil win over good. No one likes it when life is unfair. You just need to power through and break the chain, to make it fair again. So when you fall into a ditch, you can mope about it. Or you can cry out for help. Of course, humanity sucks when it comes to helping people, so you may not get help. So then you try and get yourself out of the ditch. Now considering that you have fallen into the ditch, you must be prone to a series of unfortunate events. So I suggest you be a Violet Baudelaire and use your hair ribbon as a rope to pull yourself out. And if you have no Klaus beside you to explain that horrible analogy, then what I mean to say is, when life hands you lemons, it does hand you some water and sugar as well, so you can make lemonade out of it. Now if you don’t get that analogy, then I’m sorry for adding yet another unfortunate event to your life.

And what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events, may, in fact, be the first steps of a journey.



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