The Cohabitation Principle

Today I was in a dilemma. My roommate (roommate #1) who is overweight (okay, borderline obese) was snoring extremely loudly. Tired from focusing extra hard on convex optimization today, I need(ed) a good night’s sleep.  Since a girl from the other room in my apartment is out of town, I came to this room to try my luck at achieving peaceful sleep. What I didn’t realize was that I’d be entrusted with a real life unbounded optimization problem.

Roommate #2 from this room prefers to talk to her fiance 12 hours out of 24.  Which also includes unearthly hours such as three quarters past 12 at night.

Which puts me in a conundrum. Periodic loud snoring or aperiodic loud ramblings. I chose the later, but mostly because I really didn’t want to bother moving my bedding back.

However from the perspective of humanity, roommate #1 seems to be better. At least she wasn’t snoring on purpose.

Of course, the moral of the story and what Darwin would suggest is, survival of the fittest. I should somehow be able to adapt to late night disturbances. The catch however is that I don’t see how I’m going to stay fit if I don’t get enough sleep.

The solution? I’m currently blasting my ears with music. It sure helps drown your surroundings, but currently I hope that more literally than figuratively.


I moved back to my room. The ramblings had become periodic and the snoring has subsided. I had always suspected that Roommate #1 was more considerate.


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