What Nerds Do

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything nerdy. I guess I’m losing touch with that side of me. So here’s a nerdy post about what different nerds do.

I work in a research lab focusing on signal processing. That’s the most applied yet theoretical field out there. Nerds swarm towards this field. So it’s obvious that I notice specific types of nerds in my lab.

Recently it was made clear to me that the power of observation goes a long way and can prevent me from getting into icky situations. So….

1. The observer: he notices the things around him. He’s hard working and dedicated. He keeps to himself and yet knows more about everyone than you can imagine. One fine day, he will come to you and reveal something so obvious, you would think it was a John Green rehash of a John Green book (nerdfighters get it. His books have a very obvious prose that keeps repeating in all of his books).

2. The annoyingly secretive person who makes sly remarks and thinks he/she is above all the madness: The aloof bitch. Most generally a girl. Passes snooty comments and has an attitude problem.

3. The spontaneously random ones: Geeks whose thought processes are so random, they are often synchronized. They also talk in annoying Morse code that only they understand.

4. The overworked pro: Will stay overnight if needs to, to finish his project. Every project is a dream to work on, for him. Learning is fun. The want to prove himself persistent.

5. The confused soul: who wants to be all of these and can be too.

6. The one who is just there for the recommendation: I would have said money, but research has none.

7. The insightful: give him any problem and he’ll figure out a way around it.

8. The chilled out one: probably stressed out with life, he smokes up a joint and leaves his problems behind. Research statement included.

9. The perfectionist: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy with PhD offers from top universities.


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