Friendly or Plain Annoying?

I have been sharing a room with 2 other girls, after I moved into a new city (I should be able to move into a 2 sharing facility today/tomorrow). While one of them talks incessantly with her boyfriend, the other tries to be friendly, but comes out plain annoying. Here’s listing #AnnoyingThingsMyRoommateDoes

1. Every morning, after I come out from the bathroom after a bath, she asks me if the water is hot. Ummm. It’s cold here in the mornings. It has been 15 days since I’ve moved here. Not once have I bathed in cold water. Common sense suggests that the water is indeed hot. Asking me won’t make it hotter.

2. Every time I come back late, either due to work or because I was out with friends, I have to face a multitude of questions… “How many of you were there?” “Where does the other girl stay?” “You had work?” And the most frequent of them all … “Did you get the bus?” (Which I blatantly lie about, because I walk back home… I need to shed a few kilos).

3. Initial days were the toughest, when my food practices were questioned. I do not come from a place where rice is eaten for every meal. So no, I do not have an appetite for 3 full cups of rice, nor should I develop one, unless I want a high risk of diabetes. Stop questioning my intake.

4. Stop looking at me when you have nothing to do… It’s creepy and there’s only so much I can stare at on my phone screen.

5. I don’t speak the local language. Both of my roommates do. But I can positively figure out, if you’re talking about me in front of me. It doesn’t help your cause, that you speak an anglicised version of it.

6. Geez, you have lemon water with “saaalt” every morning and yet you don’t know that refined rice is not good if you’re trying to diet?

7. You hate your job. Okay. Try for a better one? Maybe don’t miss so many interviews and do good with life. Medical leaves exist for a reason.

8. You walk slower than a turtle.

P.S: apologize for the change in third person view to second person view. I just went with the flow.


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