I’m finally out of my house, and in a new city, pursuing what will hopefully take me a step closer to my goals. I stay in a Paying Guest accommodation and make just enough to survive decently while saving up money for college applications for MS-PhD. I have been thrust a good research problem statement (that quite frankly, I’m struggling to understand right now), which, if I work diligently for, would result in good future prospects. Of course, it is just the start of something new, and there are way too many things to get adjusted to before anything starts making sense. So here are a few things I started, after I came here.

1. Dieting. Yes. I put on a lot of weight last year, being depressed, confused and fed by a mother who thinks that the only way her efforts will be validated is if I enjoy her food in copious amounts. Also, I happen to be an emotional eater, so that simply does not help.

Anyhow, since times have changed, I’m looking forward to lead a healthier life. Hope to lose weight and the blubber around my waist, that is supposed to be called a belly. Plus, it’s easy to go on diet when you’re poor wannabe grad student.

2. Exercise: Well, exercise and diet go hand in hand. Also, I’m poor and I do not want to take the bus to my work place. So I walk about 5-6 km daily on an average. It’s not the best use of time and effort, but it sure tests my perseverance, considering that the route I take to walk back home practically consists of restaurants and stalls catered towards college going crowds.


I am planning to buy a bike though, cause it would be a lot more efficient.

3. Culture Adjustment: It’s a new place with a new language. Having stayed all my life in places where I understood the main language of communication, this is just something that’s difficult to adjust to. Also the food. These guys just eat a hell lot of rice.  News flash: there are other cereals.

4. Direction: I do sense a lot more defined direction to my life. Till now, I was never able to see past the horizon that is the final year of college. But now that I’m going to be graduating, I see my options far more clearly.

5. Money: I feel a great deal of independence, finally being paid for my work. Which also means, I’m not used to it. I do not know how to work towards deadlines, or working towards a research statement, knowing that I will be paid for my contributions towards the project. Which means I need to contribute in a real way, some way or the other. A responsibility, I have never been thrust with.

6. Relationship: I’m finally living in the same city as my boyfriend! Albeit 15 km away. But still! I get to visit him on the weekends! Thought it’s not all rainbows and bubbles, cause I end up spending a lot more money than I intend to. Being in a couple sure is expensive!

So far, it’s been just about 2 weeks, but I already like it here. Hopefully there are more positive changes to follow. More blog entries about this to follow!


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