Recently I realized one big (okay, moderate) advantage of being in a long distance relationship. Prank wars! It’s the internet generation, and cat-fishing is a prevalent term. Assuming fake identities is easy. I started out with a rather tame prank in which I pretended to have chopped off my hair, by tying them up in a specific way and clicking well positioned shots of my ‘new’ hair. The original plan was to keep him in the dark for at least a week, and then to suddenly pop up with longer hair, but his cuteness and innocence got in the way of me successfully deceiving him. I blurted out the ‘secret’ after three days. It still did leave an impact. He claims he had made his peace with the short hair (bob/pixie cut) until I confessed to the crime.

For my next prank though, I plan to be more elaborate. Nothing close to PrankvsPrank though, which serves as the ultimate inspiration. Jesse and Jeana are such a cool couple!


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