Four Points at the Sheraton

Today I went to yet another wedding reception at Four Point by Sheraton. There were four main highlights of the evening.

1. For the hundredth time, someone said that I looked like my mom. Like Harry Potter would never tire of hearing that he looked liked his dad, except that he had the eyes of his mother. Weddings are where smallest of small talks happen.

2. People just do not understand the point of research. One woman had the audacity to ask me why I need to do a higher degree after graduating from the best private college in my country if I could get good placements. No, people don’t do PhD to get a better job. In my country, academic success is gauged by your pay package after graduation, irrespective if the quality of work.

3. My younger brother sounds so directionless at times, I need to be more of the perfect older sister who breaks no rules and does everything right. So apparently he thinks that weed is not illegal in my country, and I need to prepare a presentation and gather evidence to prove that he’s wrong.

4. Weddings are generally full of pretentious people, specially if it’s in a place like Four Point by Sheraton. I personally hate socializing, but when I’m surrounded by pretentious people, I have to put up a pretentious presence as well, which feels suffocating. Oh and there was absolutely no one of my age group. I reiterate. Wedding functions are uncomfortable.


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