Season Finale: The Wedding

To wrap up the last semester of college and after securing an RAship for myself, as sitcom culture dictates, my season finale consisted of my cousin sister getting married to her alleged boyfriend. I’ll get back to the ‘alleged’ part later.

Now wedding season generally consists of hoards of relatives traveling across the country to bless the bride and groom and hopefully get a good dinner, probably get to look pretty and possibly meet interesting people. Of course, neither of these may work out.

Since our house is big and in the city where the wedding function had been planned, our out of town close relatives chose to come and stay over at our place. To put the figures out there, 8 people in a 4 room apartment. Not too bad. BUT.

For an introvert like me, socializing is not the best aspect of weddings. I absolutely hate it. Luckily I had spent most of the last 4 months locked up in my room so I guess I did save up some socially-friendly stamina that could last me for 4 days.

The days mostly went by smoothly. From my last interaction with relatives, I had realized that a good tool to break awkward silences that exist due to underfamiliarity and generation gap between you and your relatives is to play card games. ( Yes I love card games. I am a sucker for anything that deals with numbers.)

Another tool to break awkward silences is to help out your mom in the kitchen, which you normally won’t do. ( Locking myself in my room was not an option because for some reason, everyone would swarm into my bedroom. ) Or simply pretending to work on your laptop, if the elders aren’t too gadget friendly.

But the days leading up to the wedding are NOTHING in comparison to the actual day. For a tomboy like me, I absolutely HATE dressing up. But I simply had no option. As the sister of the bride, I had to be a part if the wedding rituals. So I had to look presentable to say the least. After I had crossed the hurdle of dressing up (more like getting dressed up by people who were clearly better at…. err… dressing up. Yes people, dressing up properly is an art. (I finally understand what stylists do)), the next big issue was getting through the wedding which took place in the scorching heat of May, at a non Air-conditioned hall.

After I got through the tedious rituals was when I had to ‘mingle’ with phony people who seemed way too interested in my personal and professional life than they should have been and whom I would not have normally deemed myself answerable to.

I did get some cash money for being part of the rituals from the nice elderly people from the groom’s side that I don’t know or recognize at all.

Speaking of phony, my cousin had actually lied to most of us relatives, giving us the impression that the marriage had been an arranged one, when in fact, she was marrying her boyfriend. Her brother had also come with his alleged girlfriend, and hopefully they don’t play out the same drama at his wedding, whenever that happens.

As a nerdy girl with simple tastes(and fetish for sitcoms and romcoms), I had never anticipated drama of this level, but as at least this season finale didn’t end on a cliffhanger.

It seems to have ended well, as of now, but I’ll definitely post an update if the premier of the next season has some interesting twist.


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