May so far, has turned out to be a good month. I did secure a research assistant(RA) position for myself at a research institute. I had applied for the same position abroad as well, about a month back. What was surprising was that I got a reply back from a research institute in France, but not for an RA position, but for a PhD position.

Now, I had completely given up on any hope for a PhD position immediately this year. I had planned to do an RAship for a year after graduating (I graduate in August this year) and applying formally to universities in Europe, Singapore, Canada and US for a PhD next year.

So this offer came as a big surprise. Of course I have to give this series of interviews, before anything gets finalized, but this lead to quite a few questions arising regarding my future. Hopefully it will all work out for the best.

Ohh I did get to visit my long distance boyfriend for a few days in between, to give my RA interview and it was eventful (wink).

I have been taking a small (hopefully well deserved) break from work for the last few days but I guess it’s time to get working again. As of now, i join as an RA starting June 15th. Till then I have to wrap up my PhD interview and fine tune my research paper so that I can publish it.

That’s about work and academia. I also had to take part in my cousin’s wedding function and of course, I met my boyfriend after a long time. I’ll elaborate on these in my next post.


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