Penulitima : This Day Can’t Even

It’s the day before my final presentation for thesis, and it was an odd day as usual. Apart from being literally odd, 27th of April didn’t turn out to be great, but nothing bad happened either. I did manage to have two (yes, plural!) conversations with my overworked boyfriend, and they felt like a dream, not because they were spectacular but because I was half asleep during the first one at 4:30 in the morning and the second one was for 3 mins. Everyone knows that anything below 10 mins on the phone does not qualify as a conversation. It’s like the equivalent of sending just emoticons in a full fledged IMing sessions. Vague. Ah well.

I did someone good today by buying them a platform ticket (in my country you need to pay if your at a railway station, even if you don’t want to board a train) worth 20 bucks and taking 10 bucks in return cause that girl didn’t have change and I didn’t want to wait too long for her to come back. But then I hadn’t bought a train ticket while coming for work, worth 10 bucks (cause I was in a hurry! I had no choice!), so I guess the universe has  these unique ways of getting back at me.

Then I had a conversation with fellow theoretical researchers and as usual at least one of them sniggered when they learned who my thesis guide is. But I’ll make sure I have the last laugh!

I mentioned cookies crumbling in my last blog post, and ever since, I’ve been having intense cravings for cookies. I also watched that Friends episode in which Ross breaks a small girl’s legs and has to sell cookies to make it up. Cookies are all over the place!

With all of this randomness in mind, I head back to my home planet, and I’ll end it with a quote I read on a sign post when I was traveling to work: Smile today, tomorrow could be worse (it somehow sounds devilish). Quite frankly I need tomorrow to be better, so I won’t smile.

P.S. The frequency of my posts might be a result of BWS (Boyfriend Withdrawal Syndrome).


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