Raspberry Picket and a Series of Fortunate Events

Everyone gets bogged down some time or the other. No one’s really going to stop you from injecting some fun into your own life.

Here are some weird things you can do. And some interesting things as well.

1. Order a book on amazon and add a weird gift message.
Get it? But don’t laugh on the delivery guy’s face cause that’s just plain rude.

2. Add salt to sweet things. Apple juice, cranberry juice, chocolate milk, fruits, custard… Practically anything sweet. It just works.

3. Live life 2x. Which means, watch videos at 2x, eat half of what you normally eat, drink twice as much water and exercise twice as much as you normally do (unless you don’t exercise at all, in case of which, just go and exercise).

4. Be an anonymous writer. And make money out of it.*

5. Randomness is beautiful. Grab some money, say 50 bucks. Go to a supermarket and buy things that you wouldn’t normally buy and things you do not already own.

6. Redecorate your room. Restyle your hair and clothes. Rejuvenate yourself with a spa treatment.

7. Buy a plant. Nurture it.

*will be discussed in a later post.


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