How To Be A Better Nerd: Study Survival Kit

Sometimes it gets really tough to bring yourself to study. You feel sleepy, can’t concentrate properly and get easily distracted. Sometimes you just lose inspiration and give up. And specially if you have non-interfering parents, it can be difficult to keep your studies on track. So if you are soon venturing into studying an extremely difficult subject, here’s a couple of things that you need in your survival kit.

1. Stuff a Vicks inhaler into your nose. I dare you to fall asleep like that!

2. Mouthwash. Self explanatory.

3. Mints.

4. Cold water bath/ dip your feet into ice cold water.

5. The color blue. It is said that the color increases productivity.

6. Spicy food. Do it only if you are fine with your tummy growling the next day.

7. Speed. Listen to music on x2 speed. Or watch video lectures at that speed. Let your brain feel challenged.


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