The Prophecy – Part 1

Growing up reading books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson made the concept of prophecies very appealing to me. So much, that I would use the concept to deal with the issues in my life. So there have been three major incidences in which I have put the concept to use, that I will elaborate on. Caution: Do NOT perform this act under supervision. Thou shalt be mocked for eternity!

Incidence 1: When I had applied for colleges and for some reason I knew very clearly that I would be getting into the college and the stream I eventually ended up taking admission to. So much that I had even written a couple of articles about my life in college.

Incidence 2: My boyfriend is a figment of my imagination. Literally. Well, till high school I had not found any person that seemed interesting enough. I wanted to meet a guy who could outsmart me and still be a great friend. I wrote several articles on the exact personality that I wanted in the guy. Introverted. Know-it-all. Unconventional looking (I never really ‘dug’ the butch). Who could be both mean and sweet to me, and who would become my best friend and eventually, boyfriend. So when I first met my boyfriend, I knew it just had to be him.

Incidence 3: When I wanted to get back with my boyfriend. It was a low phase. I wasn’t sure about whether getting back with him was the best idea for me. He was the coordinator for this huge event that was to take place at college and had been really busy with academics and life in general. So I had given myself an ultimatum. I wrote on a piece of paper, that if something were to happen between the two of us, it would happen during that event. And if it didn’t, I would take the hint and back off forever.

What I’m trying to say is that, people actually have a fair intuition about where their lives are headed. But when apprehensions and fears about the uncertainty of life cloud their minds, they feel dazed and disconcerted. Also, there are too many people in the world with too many different opinions and varied judgments to pass, which are best ignored. All you need is a little introspection, and you can pretty much make your own prophecy and make it come true. The only thing that writing it down helps with is that it just solidifies the whole idea in your mind. Written word is hard to go back on.

P.S. There was also an incidence 4 which was about a list of cuisines and restaurants that I absolutely wanted to try, which also got fulfilled, except that I gained 13 pounds as a result. I didn’t have THAT much foresight sadly.



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