Journey to Becoming a Nerd Again

I used to be a big nerd in the first 4 years of college. I’m currently in my final year and the nerd in me has long departed. All I can think of doing these days is surfing the internet and eating. Either something is psychologically wrong with me, or I’m plain lazy. An average nerd mind lasts around 40 years and after that, you automatically get the title of ‘genius’ conferred upon you and people simply line up wanting to work with you and pick your brain both literally and figuratively. Or if you’re a nerd girl and decide on becoming a mommy at one point, then after 40, you’ll end up ensuring that your kids become bigger nerds. In either case, an average nerd hits a mid-nerdLife crisis, at around 20-22 in which he/she becomes dangerously close to giving up on nerdHood for good. So this implies that I’m facing a mid-nerdLife crisis (and also establishes that I’m 20-22, but don’t ask me my age. I’m a lady). Let’s hope this situation gets resolved faster than the proof to the optimality of encoding gaussian quantum input states towards channel capacity that I tried to establish last year.


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